Officially introduced in 1965, Ponche Caribe began its production process in the caribbean island “Curacao”. It’s founder Angel Jesus Leáñez was determined in creating the perfect blend of sweet caribbean spices and liqueurs, which makes up today’s Ponche Caribe.
Its unique bottle shape & creamy texture is based on Caribbean Rum, milk, vanilla, eggs, and a family secret of herbs & sweet spices. The ingredients are carefully selected and go through a delicate process of High temperature mixers before being bottled. After 12 years of extensive effort & research, inventor A.J. Leáñez, produced the perfect recipe for both taste and increasing the longevity of the liqueur.
Since then Ponche Caribe has increased it’s production capacity and has expanded to many markets overseas. It’s success also led to the creation of a new flavor “Ponche Pistachio”.
Through it’s diverse use for cocktails, desserts and simply on it’s own, Ponche Caribe is a must have liqueur for any kitchen, bar & restaurant.

Alcohol Percentage:
10% Alc. by vol. / 20º proof.